Who Is A Casino Bit Boss?

The pit boss or the pit manager is the person who looks after the dealers or the employees who work in the casino. He oversees all the operations on the floor. Here is the job description of a bit boss:

Supervising employees:

The pit boss administers all the employees which include dealers, cashiers, servers, maintenance workers, security guards and other employees who work in the casino. He contracts and prepares new workers, notwithstanding checking the activity execution of current representatives and making disciplinary move against or terminating the individuals who get into mischief or don’t satisfy their job obligations. He additionally makes work plans for employees and favours demands for vacation time, sick days or other time off. What’s more, he manages finance for the majority of the specialists under his watch.

Supervising the floor:

All through his day of work, the pit boss strolls the casino, regulating the employees to guarantee all recreations cling to the norms directed by the state’s gaming bonus. He likewise watches out for the cashiers and how they change over chips into money for winning clients. Moreover, he stays careful when looking for indications of bad behaviour or potential inconvenience with respect to the customers.

Customer relationship:

A pit boss likewise attempts to upgrade the playing experience for customers. For instance, he can offer certain players additional advantages, for example, free dinners, room stays, cash to bet with or free recreations. He may do this for hot shots who can possibly bring a lot of cash into the clubhouse. He likewise answers inquiries from customers and addresses their worries and grumblings. Keeping the high rollers satisfied is a key piece of a pit boss’s activity, and he should relate well to others and remain in control even in upsetting circumstances.

Being responsible towards the money:

One of the fundamental jobs as a pit boss is administering the cash and the exchanges that happen at various tables in the casino. These employees will represent a gigantic measure of cash and should watch out for all wagers being put, all chips being given by the casino and in addition the development of money at a table. They will be considered in charge of each penny toward the finish of their day of work and will be required to approve receipts, credit slips and cash outs.


Pit bosses will tend to improve compensation than other casino employees since they have more duties. The genuine pay will change per clubhouse, yet by and large, US pit bosses can hope to make amongst $50,000 and $75,000 every year. Sadly, a pit boss, not at all like a dealer, can’t acknowledge tips. There are rewards and advantages, however without the tips, a few merchants will profit than the pit boss, which can make the position unfortunate for those that are being advanced.

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